Notice of change of logo of Center for Student Service

Center for Student Service (CSS) - VNU is pleased to inform all parents and students, training units, partners about changing the Logo of the Center.

Implement VNU regulations on brand management and image promotion of VNU in Document No. 123 / QD-DHQGHN dated 08/01/2015; The center has built the identifier and was approved by VNU (Official Letter No. 2594 / DHQGHN-VP dated 07/8/2018). From 8/8/2018, the Center for Student Service logo is as follows:

a) Logo shape: circle
b) Colors: The inner blue represents solidity, reliability; Red outlines show strength and enthusiasm.
c) Logo surface showing abbreviated name in English of VNU, abbreviated in English of Center: CSS.
d) Significance of the logos in accordance with the functions and duties of the Center: The first image we see is the image of pigeons representing love and happiness under the roof of the VNU show the aspiration of flying high. farther in the future; Followed by the fire image showing enthusiasm, with flying strokes express the growth, development. In addition, with the intention of modeling the fire with three signs to show the three main tasks of the Center are life support, learning support, internship and employment of students - go up and develop the same meaning of "flame"; The bird-shaped image is stylized from the S (Student) meaning student-centered. With this new logo will be the effective means of brand identity, help parents and students, training units, partners easily recognize the Center.
The new logo will automatically be valid for all contracts, texts, websites and products under the CSS brand. All functions and other relevant information of the Center do not change.
       Is pleased to announce./.