Picnic tour program "Down the Kinh Bac"

          Following the program of supporting students in the school year 2018 - 2019, on April 20, 2019, the Foreign Language Department cooperated with Hanoi Sky Travel Company to organize a picnic program "Down the Kinh Bac" to 3 ancient temples: Phat Tich Pagoda, Chua Dau and But Thap Pagoda, these are the places bearing the cultural and long history of Kinh Bac in the complex of scenic spots in Bac Ninh Province, the Buddhist Temple saved. Storing memorabilia in the Cultural and Historical Museum, Vietnam's oldest temple of the Strawberry Temple & But Thap is a special national monument.

           Joining the trip with a large number of boarding students, especially the participation of international students living in the dormitory of foreign languages has brought many new points for the trip.
           This is not only an excursion, a picnic to learn about Vietnamese culture and history for international students, but also an opportunity to connect and exchange Vietnamese students and LHS students who are living and practice at the Foreign Language College.

          An international student, Suputchree Thubthai shared, "I was attracted by the knowledge of the tour guide, he was like google when he shared his history."
          Lan Phuong student said: “For me, the journey to the North of Vietnam today is a very meaningful journey. This field trip helped me to learn more about the culture of Vietnam, the architecture of "foreign internal affairs", about the procedure of worship, and the pedestal in the temple. Moreover, during this trip, I have learned more about the history of cultural exchange of Mother Goddesses as well as the introduction of Buddhism into Vietnam, the ups and downs and very touching stories and sacred in history. Not only that, the trip is also an opportunity to facilitate the connection and exchange between Vietnamese students and LHS students who are living and training at the State University. "
          I would like to express my deep gratitude to the Dormitory Management Board for giving us a very meaningful picnic day! And I also hope that in the coming time, the Management Board will organize more such journeys so that we can learn more about places on every country. “I was impressed from the time I registered my name to participate in“ Xuong Kinh Bac ”, then when I gathered before getting into the car, she was very attentive, impressed with the tour guide about historical knowledge, then I must say shocking about the lunch place is the food area with the food beyond my imagination, before parting with the tour guide, the group had to say goodbye to each member of the delegation, a small gesture but I found it hard to forget about This interesting trip, ”shared Hang Nga.

          The trip really left beautiful moments, memories, unforgettable impressions about the country and people of Vietnam for the participants.

Ngo Anh - Foreign Language Dormitory