Spring and explore culture on Kinh Bac land

In the early days of Spring Century Pig and in the series of activities to carry out the key tasks of the Student Support Center in 2019 is mental health care for boarding students, innovating management methods , international student support (SV), on February 16, 2019, the Management Board and Labor Union of Me Tri cooperated to organize for all staff, boarding students and international students to visit the Spring at the Temple and Dong Ho painting village (Bac Ninh).

At 8 am, the wheelchair ride brings Me Tri dormitory students and students to Bac Ninh - sacred and rich Kinh Bac land.

The first stop at Den Do (Dinh Bang ward, Tu Son town, Bac Ninh), worshiping 8 Ly dynasty kings, the temple is rich in art and history. In the sacred space, the incense offering team commemorates and visits the temple grounds, listens to Quan Ho folk songs and finds historical marks through evidence.

At the meeting point of folk culture of Dong Ho painting village (Song Ho commune, Thuan Thanh district, Bac Ninh) "Dong Ho Ga painting, Pig in the fresh spot / Ethnic colors shining on Diep paper", the whole group was introduced. , learn the stages to create a Dong Ho painting and participate in the fascinating experience at Dong Ho painting village. When leaving, everyone was very excited with pictures that would be meaningful souvenirs.

The students participated in the trip with interest, passionately learning about history, culture and architecture at the destination and welcoming the warm Spring days on Vietnamese soil.
You Declan Forth - a student from far away from the USA shared “I feel very happy and attracted to visit the historical relics in Den Do and participate in the cultural experience in Dong Ho painting village. Through this, I also understand more about Vietnamese culture. Thank KTX for giving me this interesting trip.

The Organizing Committee hopes the trip is a cultural exchange occasion, enriching spiritual life and further tightening sentiment between managers and overseas students. In particular, in the early days of the Spring trip, it is an opportunity to give students the opportunity to exchange, learn and explore Vietnamese culture, participate in the experience of useful activities, cultivate and learn the language. Vietnam and have more beautiful moments and memories of the country and people of Vietnam.

Nguyen Thi Lan - Me Tri dormitory