About us

I. Overview

Student Residence Center (now called Center for Student Services) was established on 21 October 1995 under Decision No. 438/QD - TCCB of the Director of Vietnam National University, Hanoi (VNU) on the basis of merging 3 dormitories of 3 universities (Me Tri Dormitory of Hanoi University (former name), Education Dormitory of Hanoi National University of Education, Foreign Language dormitory of University of Languages and International Studies) and medical station of Hanoi University (former name).

On December 1999, Education Dormitory was separated from the Center because Hanoi National University of Education was separated from VNU and on May 2012, the medical station was merged into Hospital of Vietnam National University, Hanoi. 

On 7 January 2009, VNU Director issued Decision No. 52/QD - TCCB on adding functions, duties and on Student Residence Center being renamed as Center for Student Services.

On 12/2014, VNU signed a contract with Hanoi Department of Construction to hand over 2 units in My Dinh II urban area and issued Decision No 355/QĐ-ĐHQGHN on establishing the My Dinh dormitory of the Student Support Center.

At present, the Center for Student Services is organized as follows: Administration & Organization Department; Planning & Finance Department; Foreign Languages Dormitory; Me Tri Dormitory; and My Dinh Dormitory.

II. Mission and vision

Mission: Creating a favorable environment for students to study, improve their skills and conduct scientific researches; effectively organizing/providing activities and services for student assistance, contributing to the training quality of VNU.

Vision to 2030: Professional management and service model; convenient and modern infrastructure, creating a breakthrough in VNU’s student assistance activities.

III. Development strategy

To become a center for student assistance with modern facilities; civilized and professional service style; diverse types of support services, creating a favorable environment for students to study, improve skills and conduct scientific researches, contributing to improve the training quality of VNU.