Support activities for international students

1. Life support

In recent years, international student supporting activities has been particularly focused. Join in the dormitories, international students will be instructed how to live in accordance with the customs of the two countries.

The accommodation of international students is invested in the best facilities that enable students to study and research; facilitated with refreshment rooms which are suitable with the taste of each person; There are cleaners weekly, which will make th

2. Study support:

Dormitories include a self-study room, outdoors study areas so that you will have more study and learning environment. You are able to borrow rooms, places and other facilities to hold events.

The establishment of Vietnamese club for international students helps students practice their ability to use Vietnamese, learn more about the customs and habits of the Vietnamese people and easily adapt to life in Vietnam.

3. Employment support:

There are many job opportunities for international students. Students with pedagogical skills can find jobs related to teaching foreign languages; translation and interpretation, etc. Any students who desire to find such jobs are able to register at the Student Counseling and Support Office located in the dormitories.

4. Organizing the tour:

Another activity to support the life is that organizing the free or low cost tours so that international students are able to join to help them learn about the nature, the country and the people of Vietnam.

5. Health care service:

Located on the dormitories’ campus of the Center has a polyclinic of Hospital of Vietnam National University, Hanoi, so it’s very convenient for international students in health care. For those who cannot speak Vietnamese, will be supported from the dormitories for the most effective examination.

6. Give a gift:

Every year, Vietnam National University, Hanoi, Center for Student Services as well as the training centers give gifts on Western New Year, Traditional New Year holidays of the countries. Especially, during the Lunar New Year of Vietnam, international students staying in the dormitory receive special Vietnamese gifts.