Guidelines for implementing rules


Welcome the students who came to the shared dormitory of the Student Support Center - VNU. With the goal of striving to build dormitories: "Safe, convenient, friendly". At the same time, creating the best conditions for boarding students about accommodation, living, studying, having a healthy living environment and a clean and beautiful landscape. Please all of you are interested in reading this guide and implementing the required content well:

1. Consciousness, organization:

- Each room has a meeting to disseminate internal rules, regulations on boarding, unify the rules of living in the room and elect the head of the department. The Head of Department is responsible for urging the members to implement the rules and participate in the activities of the dormitory movement, on behalf of the room as a bridge between the student rooms and the Dormitory Management Board.

- Perform civilized lifestyle in public. Communicate and behave openly and friendly to people around you. There is no offensive behavior, disturbing others in the collective living environment.

- Actively participate in cultural, art, physical training and sports activities, other activities organized by the school, Dormitory Management Board; drug prevention, crime and social evils.

- Collective individuals and individuals who well abide by the rules and regulations will be rewarded and continue to be in the dormitory in the following school years. In case of violation, depending on the level, there will be forms of handling from reminders to recovering seats, expelling from dormitories.

2. Interior order and environmental sanitation:

- The room must be assigned a daily calendar; dump garbage daily in the right place. Regularly cleaning the bathroom, toilet, spider web sweep, cleaning the door ... every month to clean the room.

- Arrange personal belongings at: Cabinets, shoes, under beds, network wires, clothes, blankets, books, back balcony areas, toilets ... tidy, neat and clean.

- Actively participate in emulation movements "Green - Clean - Nice" launched by the Dormitory.

- When detecting the risk of possible disease outbreaks or disease outbreaks, immediately notify the manager of the house or health station for timely propaganda, prevention and treatment.

- A sick student must contact the Medical Station for instructions and treatment.

3. Material facilities and fire and explosion prevention and fighting:

- Responsible to preserve equipment and common property of the dormitory. Use electrical, water and property equipment in the right purpose, safe and effective. Electricity and water saving.

- Electrical equipment of students must ensure quality, not to contact wires with iron beds. Wire, wire bundle neatly.

- Limit removing garbage cover lid (exit floor) from the waste water funnel.

- Any damage to the property of the accommodation must be promptly reported to the Dormitory staff. If damage or loss of properties of dormitories must be compensated according to regulations.

- Prohibit cooking or contain utensils for cooking in the room.

4. Security and order:

- Students need to raise awareness and prevent frauds to take advantage of loopholes of property theft (lock room, door). Monitor, detect, timely report suspicious situations for you or Dormitory staff.

- Going out, going to the dormitory on time (From 5:30 to 22:30), there is an unexpected incident and must report it to the standing guard.

- Registration of temporary residence, temporary absence for guests at the standing room.

5. Support activities:

- Board of Representatives: Is a bridge in the activities of the dormitory management board with students, including radio activities, propaganda and visiting students, participating in organizing movement activities .

- Students wishing to consult, support life, study and employment contact the Student Support and Counseling Office of the Student Management and Support team:

+ Activities of Student Clubs: English Club, Green Club, Vietnamese Dance Club, Guitar ...

+ Organizing self-study rooms, reading books, newspapers, cultural activities, arts, sports, picnics, green 7th activity, opening self-study rooms, volunteering ... serving boarding students.

+ Organizing counseling activities on psychology, health, life skills, study, career guidance and job festival days for students in dormitories.

- Service and service activities are organized by the Dormitory to ensure safety and quality:

+ Activities of student cafeterias, service areas, canteens serve students in boarding schools conveniently, in accordance with the economic conditions of students, ensuring food hygiene and safety.

+ Organize car-keeping services, automatic washing machine system, gym, Internet service, amusement, entertainment, sports ground in accordance with facilities and legitimate needs of Students