Resident registration procedures and procedures for international students

RESIDENT PROCEDURE: Introduction video


I. Subject to the dormitory

As a student, a foreign expert studying and working at a member unit under the National University of Hanoi.

II. Process of inpatient procedures

Required documents for inpatient procedures

- Letter of introduction of Faculty, school, affiliated units.

- Passport, visa (photo)

Steps to complete registration procedures in the dormitory

Step 1: Receive demand

+ Students contact the school, apply for paper, introduction email.

+ Representatives of schools, faculties or students contact the Dormitory Management Board.

Step 2: Feedback

+ Management board answered about the status of accommodation can be arranged.

Step 3: Welcome

+ Students fill in the information form (according to the form of the dormitory), submit a copy of passport, visa.

+ Students do procedures for payment of house fees, and handover of rooms.